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GKLive.TV Announces Exclusive Streaming Partnership with Game Point Center and AAU Events



Orlando, FL – GameKast LLC, a leader in live streaming sports events, is excited to announce a new partnership with Game Point Center, a prominent name in amateur athletics. This partnership is under contract for the next 3 years, and grants GameKast the exclusive rights to produce and market live streams for Game Point Center.

Our #1 Network GKLive.TV will provide high-quality broadcast services for Game Point Center events, bringing fans closer to the action with multiple cameras. GKLive.TV’s innovative approach ensures an immersive viewing experience across a range of multiple sports.

This partnership also introduces an innovative pay-per-view option for spectators. Viewers can purchase a "Stream Pass" for single-day, event-long access, or subscribe to our GKLive.TV+ platform.

GKLive.TV is committed to quality broadcasting while Game Point Center AAU's dedication is amateur sports, promising to make this partnership a cornerstone in live sports streaming.

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About GameKast LLC

Founded in 2019, GameKast owns the No. 1 amateur sports media network in the world “GKLive.TV and GKLive.TV+ '', a high-definition, mobile, sport-streaming experience to connect families and fans to the players they love. GameKast LLC also owns the GolfKast brand and  is a privately-held media company based in South Florida. We do this through their portable streaming platform, which provides the power to broadcast any event live in HD through their proprietary technology. To date, the company has streamed over 104,445 events to over 1,339,846 viewers and is expected to continue growing in various amateur outdoor and indoor sports

About Game Point Center

Game Point Events by AAU is a dynamic and forward-thinking organization dedicated to fostering talent and passion in amateur athletics. With a focus on providing top-tier competitive experiences, the organization hosts a variety of sporting events across multiple disciplines. The commitment to excellence is reflected in the collaboration with leading partners, innovative event management, and a dedication to creating opportunities for young athletes to shine. At Game Point Events, the spirit of competition strives to create an environment where every participant can achieve their full potential.