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Written By: Ashley Looper Staff Writer

Melbourne, Florida - The 2024 Moon Invitational brought excitement to the esteemed SunTree Country Club in Melbourne, Florida, where teams from across the nation gathered for a highly anticipated tournament. Originally planned from February 18th to the 20th, unexpected rain disrupted the schedule, turning what was supposed to be a practice round on Saturday into a full-fledged competition due to poor weather forecasts for Sunday. Hosted by Anne Moon and Moon Golf, a respected Auburn graduate, and her husband, the event persevered despite the challenging conditions. Players and teams showcased their skills on the rain-soaked course, displaying resilience and determination throughout the tournament.

Monday saw a return to play amidst lingering showers, with the day stretched out due to pauses in play because of the weather. Nevertheless, the dedication of both participants and organizers ensured that the tournament continued smoothly. As the tournament concluded on Tuesday, LSU emerged as the clear winners, securing a significant 16-shot lead with a team score of -14. Behind them, Auburn claimed second place with a score of +2, with Northwestern close behind at +5. Maisie Filler of Florida stood out individually, impressing spectators with her remarkable performance and a three-day score of -9.The 2024 Moon Invitational showcased the competitive spirit and talent within collegiate golf, leaving a lasting impression on all who participated and attended.